Our story which ended up in breeding Chihuahuas and later Labrador Retrievers,


Photo from Dec´12 with Dressed By Louis Vuitton Di San Gimignano “Louis”  in Rome (Italy)

In year 2005 we started searching for our first Chihuahua. We decided from the first sight that this is our boy! And so in very cold autumn day we got our first Chihuahua, smooth coat black & tan boy Nero (Robin Haus Tartuffo Nero). He was so small and so beautiful and we fell totally in love with this breed.

When we were searching for Nero, we did not ask a promising puppy. Actually we just wanted a pet. But as the lady from whom we got our Nero suggested we should go to try some dogs shows, we just did it to plese her and meet some other Chihuahua owners. Nero completed EE LV LT BALT CH and we are very proud of our boy. He turned to be totally healthy and this was even more great news than winning on shows. Later Nero has been used as a stud and he is a proud father of healthy and beautiful champions. At the moment Nero is retired from shows and breeding and is enjoying his life as our very much loved family member.

Day by day we got more and more interested in this breed. We started reading articles and books, attending more and more shows.

Very soon we started to think that it would be nice to have another Chihuahua as a friend for Nero. Our search for kennels and puppies ended in Germany. In May 2006 a litter of puppies was born and a few days after birth it was clear that we are going to have a tricolor girl who was later named Sessy (Tijuana´s Princessa Magica). So we drove to Germany to meet breeder Renate Mari and her Chihuahua team. We are so thankful for Renate for all her help and advices which she kindly shared with us. Thank you so much dear Renate for the dogs you gave us and all your help!

Sessy turned out to be such a super personality. She became a best friend for Nero and soon we could not imagine our life whitout her. Sessy became a real show star. She just loved showing herself, all time ready to go and her little black tail with white tip always wagging. Sessy became EE JCH and soon also EE LV LT BALT. With Sessy we started to show more and more. She added quickly FI CH title in hard competition, some winner titles and BIG placements. We are very proud that she earned proudly her CACIBs and became our first showed C.I.B!


In July 2010 with Tijuana´s Princessa Magica “Sessy”

Sessy was so happy and joyful dog that it is impossible to put it into words. We got 2 litters out of Sessy and kept the last 2 puppies born in 2012. Sadly we lost our dearest girl 07.09.2012. But she knows that we loved her so much and she will keep on living in our memories and hearts forever. R.I.P Sessy!

Afterwards one more girl from Germany joined us (Mercedes del pequenos Mexicanos). Thank you very much breeder Regina Schröedel for trusting your little sugarmouse with us! Mercedes is the mother of our very first puppy born in our kennel. Puppy was born unfortunetly with undershot bite. We decided to keep her as our pet and she is still living with us. Sahtlike (Perfect Sweet Dream Fergi) is such a funny Chihuahua and she is very special in every way she could be.

In spring 2008 kennel Perfect Sweet Dream was officially registered in FCI and after that we got some more dogs and in the near future we got our second breed, Labrador Retriever. We are very thankful to Jaana Railamaa, kennel Adventurer´s in Finland who gave us our Nelly (Adventurer´s Vitis Labrusca). Nelly is our base of Labrador breeding and she has given birth to two big and healthy litters. Nelly has also been very successful on show ground, she has several junior champion titles and champion titles, till now 5 x CACIB, some R.CACIB. Nelly is also Baltic Junior Winner 2009 and from huge number of Labradors (69) she became Lithuanian Winner 2011. Nelly is a bright star who loves showing herself and does it perfectly. It is only such a joy to show her, she is just so good in it.


Adventurer´s Vitis Labrusca “Nelly” having fun in show ring

2009 was also important year in Chihuahuas as our 3rd girl Laigu (Tijauan´s Unforgettable Dream) came to us from Germany. It was a great start to this year. Thank you so much breeder Renate Mari for another great girl!

Laigu attended some shows, but she did not enjoy this and we stopped showing her after some results in junior class. Laigu is totally healthy and has approved to be excellent bitch for breeding and perfect mother. Laigu has given us the basement to move on in breeding Chihuahuas with many healthy and good looking puppies.

In October 2011 our first Labrador litter was born. We decided to keep black girl and named her Muffins (Perfect Sweet Dream Break Every Rule). Actually Muffins chose to stay with us, but it would be too long story:).

Muffins turned out to be successful already from baby class. She got BIS Baby 3 placement already on her 1st show ever. And then came many BOB Puppy results, also BIS Puppy on Labradors Speciality show (100 entries) and BIS Puppy 2 on Retrievers Speciality. This was a great weekend for us which can be still remembered. Soon she entered junior class and closed EE LV LT BALT JCH very quickly and easily. As a bonus she got some different BIG placements already as a junior dog. We are so proud and happy that Muffins got also excellent health results and passed Retrievers Qualifying tests. She is a beauty and has the brains. What else could you want?

Muffuga 3

June 2011, Perfect Sweet Dream Break Every Rule “Muffins” winning BIS Puppy on Labradors Speciality show


On hunting training with Perfect Sweet Dream Break Every Rule “Muffins”, year 2011

This is shortly the basic story how kennel Perfect Sweet Dream was founded. We are very thankful for all the persons who have helped us and for all the great puppy owners we have and for all the new friends we have got during those years! We have learned a lot and we have so much more to learn.

Thank you my dear friends!

Gredi Pikani (17.02.2013)