We attended 2 8 & 9 Group shows 16-17.01.2016 in Vaimastvere, Estonia. After weekend we have several new champions in our kennel, BIS winner & group placements!

Starting with Chihuahuas:

Our home bred 9 months old youngster Perfect Sweet Dream Ordinary Girl “Pipa” EX1, CQ, BOSJ, BF2, got her 3rd EE JCC in 3 possible first shows in a row and became NEW ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!!! This happened being only 9 months + 1 week young! In addition she has even more successful Sunday, she was again EX1, CQ, BOBJ, BF & ended as BOB! In addition she was shortlisted to last 8 in JBIS ring :)

Our youngster You Know Checkmate “Chessy” got VG in Saturday because he did not show enough. But on Sunday he took everything possible: EX1, CQ, BOBJ, BM, EE JCC, ended as BOB and finally became BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR!!! And got also placed in Group, BIG 3!!!

Misty Meadow´s Crazy In Love “Travis” was first time out after 2 years birthday. EX1, CQ, BM, BOB, got his necessary EE CC & became NEW ESTONIAN & RUSSIAN CHAMPION!!! In Sunday he ended after Chessy as BM2 :)

Also we got some great news from our puppy owner Amanda. Perfect Sweet Dream Lady Marmalade “Lili” got CC in Latvia, congratulations!

And Labradors: Adventurer´s Rahmaninovs Concerto “Bryan” was also first time out after his 2nd birthday 15 Jan. Won BOB both days, closed ESTONIAN CHAMPION AND FINNISH CHAMPION (pending until breed trial is passed)!!! Bryan was BIG III in Saturday and BIG II in Sunday!

And Perfect Sweet Dream Trouble Shaker “Lilly” won her 1st EE JCC with being EX1, CQ, BOBJ & BF2 in Saturday! Congratulations to Lilly´s owners!

Especially big thanks goes to Maarja who helped me out with handling part while I was at the show with all those dogs alone! :)