04.10.2015 our very much waited litter was born. We have Tibetan Terrier puppies by this great combination:

C.I.B NORD FI DK SE NO EE LV LT BALT BY CH EE LV LT BALT JCH FI JW´11 FI W´11 LV W´12 KBH W´14 Pindaros Jive Talkin x C.I.B EUR W´12 EE LV LT BALT FI EE LV LT BALT RUS JCH EE JW´12 EE W´12 BALT W´12 LT CLUB W´12 EE W´13 LT W´12 BALT W´13 Atisha´s Lil´ Miss Know It All

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